Spontaneous Black Mass Wedding plans didn’t work out. Scaled a wall to get into a graveyard, but wound up hanging out eating taco bell in the passageway between the graveyard and the private garden next to it. How it came to be…We were talking about  Lavinia (1st known female serial killer in US/Charleston resident)and then couple killers and then… 

Me: Wanna get married and rob and murder?
Future Groom: Yeah sure. That’s probably the most attractive marriage proposal I’ve ever gotten. 
Me: Let’s do it during the witching hour and have a black mass wedding.
FG: Which is?
Me: Now apparently, and the opposite of a normal ceremony. Blood sacrifice and whatnot. 
FG: Sounds cool. Let’s do it.
Me: Okay. Let’s get taco hell/married.


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