therealjayz replied to your post: I had the sickest (the bad kind) nightmare last…

your dream was trying to convey you getting doused with semen. vomit all over you was a metaphor

Only you would see vomit as a metaphor for semen. Haha. I should write a poem about that. I never showed you this one, which you inspired:

Burlesque Butcher Shop

Heard the slit slit horror story 
about the tear in her tenderloin,
couldn’t stomach it. 

There’s a nasty rumor of a bourbon roasted 
strip-tease, bacon strip baring slip-up. 
Don’t swallow that fat farce. 
It’s a pig fib. I keep my combo covered. 

Will the meat monster
pork a porker or does it want McRibs? 

There’s another one about a maggot melt, 
but that could be as cultural as canning 
fish eggs. 


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