I love this podcast. I currently feel like a woman vs a trope, for real. Fred told me I was Grey’s MPDG and the ex dubbed me “Manic Pixie Dreams Come True Girl,” and I have to admit that I do fall into those patterns whenever I like someone. But yesterday the boy I like (what’s a good term that means way more than like without coming off obsessive? am enamored with, maybe?) jokingly called me too positive when I was being a manic pixie and then later when he teased me about being cynical and I said, “hey, earlier I was too positive!” he replied, “never in the time that I’ve known you have I thought that you’re in any way too positive.” NBD, but I’ve just never had someone think that I’m more cynical than optimistic. I like that he sees the sides of me other people can’t though. He definitely sees past my bullshit. 


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