to elaborate…

I was referring to the “still like you a whole lot.” Others include “You’re someone worth confiding in” and “haha. I believe it. I wasn’t at my compouter when u sent these though… sorry if you took offense that I wasn’t responding. and I already knew you were crazy ;)…aw see I wouldn’ta said that if I knew you were gona be all mad at me. it really ain’t true avis” All that aside, the timing just isn’t right. All of our successful hangouts have been initiated by chance run-ins. For 4 months there won’t be any of those seeing as how he’ll be abroad. Sooo I need to find a new wild, witty boy to carry my heart who is a non-threatening level of cray and who isn’t in any kind of complicated situation with another girl. That is all. Either way, I’m an independent lady now.


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