Instead of paying attention in French, I generalized people by their names…

Mikes/Michaels rock. So do Kristens and Justins. I like Ashleys. 9 times out of 10, Laurens suck. Samanthas are cool but way more than meets the eye. Almost every Chris I know if REALLY nice, accept for 1 who I don’t associate with anyway. Matts are assholes. Whitneys are sweethearts. Meghans are crazy, but we tend to get along swimmingly. So are Katies, but they hide it better. Georgias are (usually) bitchy. Rachels are GREAT most of the time. Bens are goofy. AmandasJoshs are interesting. Jessicas are sweet/bubbly. Kellys are silly. Jordan (girls) are bitches. Taylors are stoners. Kyles are cultured. Lizes are AWESOME. Andrews are characters. Camerons are gold-hearted. Davids are intelligent. Lauras are sweet. Erics are endearing. Ericas…not so much. Angelas are usually trashy but fun. Todds are creeps and/or sketchy. Kristas are adorable. Melissas are boring. Jamies are incredible. Ambers are super nice, but you don’t want them as enemies. Parkers are jerks. Jeffs are independent. Wills and Ians are interchangable. Zachs are usually really into themselves/annoying. I think I like Amys, or I tend to if it’s not short for something. Margarets are really likable. Lisas are wildcards. Mollys are genuine. Chads are neat. Phillips are strange.


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