Monthly Archives: November 2011


What’s Mine is Chores. So, I usually don’t say much about music that I like besides “this fucking rules” cuz I’m dumb, but I have ears. But let me take a second to talk about The Momsters. It’s kinda like all the mothers in Bret Easton Ellis novels were taken out of the 80’s and put into the 50’s and started making music that has the same energy and wit of girl bands in the 90’s. This combination makes sense with the playful,  tongue-in-cheek lyrics. They’re just plain fun! If Kathleen Hanna teamed up with Screaming Lord Sutch, it’d probably be very similar to The Momsters. Oh yeah, and they fucking rule.

uh / I want to wear hot pants / and rest my boot on the back / of a man’s neck / and / take a sharp cane / and / stick my heart / like / a piece of trash / in a park / and / rise out of arctic waters with curled icicles in my hair and a speargun / and / buy a lazy game cat with claws / that scratch me / and / uh! / someone should knock me down / and press me against blue tile /and shuck / a gold sheath dress / off me / and push / a shiny buzzer / to make me slide down a glistening chute