Sometimes my mind spills out and I love those who play in it

Me: I am emotionally floating in a swimming pool. the emotions aren’t what I’m swimming in, rather I feel passive instead of anything solid. ___ and I can correspond now without it being brutal or bitter or serious. it is nothing at all. brief dialogue between almost-strangers where tiny glimpses of honesty/things beyond small-talk or playful banter come through as if they’re threads of a past life. css is just a guy I know and have the same kind of casual relationship with that one might have with a cute guy they’re “in class friends” w/. (I know you’ll know what I mean by that) I rly like lemme and it seems he likes me but he says I’m young and I think that means something very dif than what most ppl mean by it. I don’t think he wants to dull my spark. lol. and I’m still not quite ready to try out romance that contrasts my first real love. I failed a french quiz but that is okay. there’s still time to turn things around. I just want to write poems and dance like a gypsy and engage in lengthy nonsense dialogue w/ great neurotic ppl and grow my hair and get rly high and only think in laughter and become nearly weightless. sry for the essay of 1000 txts.
Krista: No no no its exactly what I wanted. You have no idea how much I enjoy reading your words. I get to live inside of them and living inside your words is always so much more enjoyable than living in my shoes. Don’t ever stop!!! 1:27 PM


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