Monthly Archives: July 2011

stop eating. loose 8 pounds. feel really great about it. start eating again. only eat delicious foods. stop associating falafels with the ex. pass out in bars and on porches. forget forget forget. hangout with great people that make you laugh and don’t let you talk about your ex. spend time with nice, attractive boys. spend time without boys. spend all day in bed. spend all night dancing or singing karaoke or painting a room. have safe alone time. take walks. write. think about everything you hate about your ex and know that that person is the one who is doing this to you. think about everything you love about your ex and know that that person still has some form of love for you. don’t bank on it. wear the same thing for 5 days. change and shower and remember that you’re pretty. know that there is something beyond all of this. don’t become the person he is convinced that you are, a person that you never want to be.